Heng Balance Led Lamp

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Are you bored by the traditional lamps and bulky fixtures? Looking for something more unique that matches your personality? You should try a new way to brighten your life with this amazing Lamp!

Introducing our NEW HENG Balance Lamp


For a relaxing quiet evening, Heng lamp will make you feel as if you'll never leave home. The Led light which is being controlled by two magnetic balls when attached with each other activates the switch of the lamp. This modern design not only bring life to your personal space but creates a sense of belonging satisfaction within yourself.

HENG lamp contains a switch structure of two balls inside the wooden frames with embedded magnets. By moving them, these magnets will attract one another, thereby triggering the switch.

It's a new and interactive way to brighten up your room!


OUR NEW HENG lamp has an attractive curved design, it creates the illusion of light passing through the wooden structure.

The most magical element of this lamp would be the switch. Two wooden balls function as the light switch. Once you pick up the lower ball and put it near the upper one, the two balls will find a balance and levitate in the middle of the lamp. Once the balance is reached, the lamp switches on.

The design has an easy structure, which makes it easy for volume production. 

Show how creative and original you are with the innovative design of your lamp.

Start the Conversation

It might just be a lamp but the simple yet complex design of this gravity-defying lamp brings a lot of attention to it.

Because people don't normally see floating light switches every day, in fact, we are pretty sure that they never do.

Set The Right Atmosphere

The lighting in a room is important because this is what sets the mood and ambiance.

Because we want you to feel close to nature, we selected high-quality wood to manufacture the Heng Lamp. This will give a warm and natural appearance and is suitable for all types of rooms, like the study, bedroom and living room.

  • 47 Integrated LED lights, low power cost (requires only 5V)

  • Energy efficient, can be powered by a computer via USB (Included)

  • Made with high-quality wood or ABS for colored versions



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