360-Degree Automatic Rotating Sprinkler Watering Device


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Model: CLSSQ

Name: Tandem Rotary Sprinkler

Processing customization: standard parts

Scope of application: garden, farm, home, gardening

Size: about 205*180*90mm

Material: ABSI plastic

Working method: hydraulic drive

Flow: about 0.86m3/h (under 3kg water pressure)

Scope of application: garden spraying, lawn irrigation

Spraying range: spraying diameter is about 8-10m (different water pressure spraying range is different)

Hydraulic driven 360° rotating spray

Direct injection + oblique injection


Sprinkler installation

360 rotating automatic sprinkler sprinkler, which is sprayed into the air through the pipeline and then sprayed into the air by the sprinkler, which is convenient to use


Direct working mode                                                                     Oblique spray mode

Simulate a natural rainfall environment                                         Fast and dense scattering speeds up irrigation


Two-mode rotary nozzle

Adjustable angle


High volume direct injection mode                                                                     Wide range oblique mode

The water column is sprayed vertically, and then the parabolic track                High-speed rotation, the water splashes are scattered due to 

Road drop, simulating a real natural drop                                                          due to centrifugal force,                                                          

Rain effect, even irrigation!                                                                                  It spreads out and falls, and the spray is small and dense, 

                                                                                                                             quickly watering the soil



Fix the ground and work stably

The arc streamline body converts the airflow hit by the cantilever into pressure, making it more obedient to the ground, and can work stably on uneven ground



Tandem Pacifier Installation Instructions


           1. Outlet plug cap                     2. Unscrew the outlet nut             3. Connect the inner pacifier


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