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The Retractable Plus extends to more than 33 inches, and neatly rewinds into its own pocket-sized, protective housingno more tangled, knotted cables in your glove compartment, or in the bottom of your patrol bag, briefcase or luggage. The cord ratchets out at click-stop intervals, so it stays at the length you need, until you give a quick pull outward to release and retract it. At one end of the cord is a standard USB connection, and at the other a micro USB plug, compatible with all of ASPs rechargeable flashlights and charging accessories, as well as many other portable electronic devices, including Android phones and most Bluetooth accessories. A great feature of our cord is that the connectors are reversibletheres no wrong way to insert either the USB or micro USB plugsso theres no more fumbling, and no more risk of damage caused by trying to plug the cord in the wrong way.

connects micro USB to USB

reversible orientation plugs resist damage caused by forcing an improperly aligned connector

33.5″ length braided outer cord jacket for extra durability

Warning: This product may contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information, visit


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