Microfiber Towel Car Interior Dry Cleaning Rag


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Commodity composition

Main component: polyester fiber (polyester)
Yarn specification: 150D
Color: gray yellow, gray green, gray blue
Weight: 500GSM
Secondary component: polyamide fiber
Specifications (length * width cm): [500GSM] 30*40cm, [500GSM] 30*60cm, [500GSM] 30*30cm
Minor component content: 20
Main ingredient content: 80
Production process: edging
Material: 80% polyester fiber + 20% polyamide fiber
Towels and towels breakdown: Car Wash Towel
Color classification: yellow
Wiping towel type: Multifunctional towel


Additional information


3pcs-blue, 5pcs-blue, 10pcs-blue, 3pcs-yellow, 5pcs-yellow, 10pcs-yellow, 3pcs-green, 5pcs-green, 10pcs-green, 10pcs-multi


Size-30X30cm, Size-30X40cm, Size-30X60cm


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