Portable Hook Neck Correction Frame Neck Stretcher


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Product Description

Product Parameters

Product Name: Hook Portable Cervical Traction Frame

Product material: ABS plastic, steel material made of electroplating

Product weight: 496g

Packing size: 17.5*7.5*10cm

Structural features: The main components are composed of vertical hooks, suspension beams, pulleys, traction belts, traction hooks, counterweight bags, etc.

Scope of application: traction therapy for cervical spondylosis


1. ABS plastic clips, suspension beams, and pulleys are connected, and the two ends of the traction rope are respectively hung on the counterweight bag and the traction hook, and the traction belt is hung on the traction hook.

2. The traction force adjusts the weight of the weight bag according to the doctor's order.

3. The patient sits on a chair and wears the traction belt to be traction.

4. The time for each traction is 15 to 30 minutes. Traction at least once a day, if conditions permit, traction can be 2 to 3 times, generally 20 days as a course of treatment,


Ratchet traction frame, automatically stuck, easy to operate;

Thickened leash, perfectly saturates the jaw with good texture;

Detachable design makes it more convenient to carry and store;

The dynamometer effectively monitors the tension coefficient, which is more beneficial to help the neck recover;

Magic paste, adjust according to your own suitable size, simple and convenient.

Product List

Chinese color box packaging / upper bracket + traction belt hook + traction belt + Chinese manual










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