Weeding And Digging Grass And Wild Vegetables Rooter


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Name: plastic shovel

Material: iron + plastic

Scope of application: garden


01 Thickened stainless steel material

No rust, high strength, stronger and durable than aluminum alloy, more corrosion-resistant than iron


02 Y-shaped shovel mouth is slender and sharp.

Forged slender, sharp Y-shaped scoop for easy insertion into vegetation roots


03 Widen the bottom pivot

To prevent being caught in the mud and unable to be exhausted, it provides a reliable fulcrum support for weeding, which is more efficient and labor-saving


04 Hardwood handles are comfortable to hold

Comfortable hardwood handle for long hours of work Rear round hole for easy hanging


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Stainless Steel Drafter, New Stainless Steel Drafter


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