100Lbs-300Lbs Fitness Heavy Grips Wrist Rehabilitation Developer


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Fit for building wrist,forearm strength
Fit for climbers, martial artists, athletes and anyone who wants to improve their hand strength
By increasing the resistance,it will eventually allow you to build hand strength

Foam sleeve function: non-slip, durable and not rubbing hands.
(note: please moisten the handle with water before inserting the foam)

Material: Aluminum & iron
Color: silver (as shown in picture)
Product size: 13.4 x 10.4 x 1.7 cm
Type:100lbs /150lbs /200lbs / 250lbs / 300lbs
Strength: 45kg±5  / 67kg±5  / 90kg±5  / 112kg±5 / 135kg±5  


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100LBS, 150LBS, 200LBS, 250LBS


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