Car Wash Cleaning Tool 2L Foam Sprayer


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1. PE material, thickened bottle body
2. Humanized handle is more comfortable
3. Aluminum oxide pull rod to prevent the fingers from being pressed, making it easier to press
4. With switch lock, release hands, realize automatic spraying
5. Large diameter, convenient for various faucets to receive water


1. It is not recommended to spray chemicals, it is easy to damage the product
2. Do not inject water beyond the limit water level line
3. Store in a cool place to avoid exposure to the sun
4. When the foam is sprayed, if the liquid accidentally enters the eyes, please rinse it with clean water in time.
5. In order to test the quality of the watering can, water droplets may appear in the can, which is a normal phenomenon.

Note: There are scale lines on the body of the foam pot, and the water should not exceed 1.5L. The ratio of car wash liquid and water is 1:50, and the bubble effect is better.

1. The number of times of pressurization and pumping (there is obvious pressure, it is more difficult to press the handle down) to stop the pressurization, and press the labor-saving button to spray foam.
2. It is recommended to clean the pot body after use, and the sponge inside the nozzle needs to be taken out regularly for cleaning.
3. Note: This product is a small high-pressure pot, and continuous pressurization is prohibited


Name: 2L Foam Watering Can
Material: PE
Capacity: 2L
Scope of use: car, home multi-function
Size: About 12.5*12.5*33cm
Color: transparent

Packing included:

1 * 2L Foam Watering Can
1 * Car Wash Fan Nozzle
1 * Watering nozzle

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