Perfect Solutions Dial-a-Driver: World’s Handiest Screwdriver


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The world’s handiest screwdriver Product Information The Perfect Solutions Dial-a-Driver is the ultimate screwdriver. It features a see-through covered organizer with an amazing interior bit carousel that rotates for easy selection and storage. Just choose a bit, align it with the open window, and lift it out – the bit slips easily into the built-in magnetic chuck so you’re ready to work in seconds! This set includes ten slotted and Philips head bits, a pull-out driver extension, and an integrated pocket clip to keep your Dial-a-Driver in easy reach. Product Features Features a see-through covered organizer Rotates for easy bit selection and storage Includes 10 Flat Head and Philips head bits Bit slips easily into the built-in magnetic chuck Complete with pull-out driver extension Integrated pocket clip for quick access Hand-held size fits perfectly in tool box Includes Bit Organizer/Carousel 5 Flat Head Screwdriver Bits 5 Philips Head Screwdriver Bits Extension Socket User Manual


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