Multi-head Garden Watering Pipe Sprinkler Sprayer Nozzle


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Model: DKSSQ

Name: Sprinkler Sprayer

Material: ABS

Scope of application: garden, farm, home, gardening

Large flow atomization does not hurt seedlings

Landscaping | Agricultural Drought Resistance | Greenhouse Watering | Vegetable Watering


A hose for easy watering

Make planting and watering flowers and vegetables more convenient


'Farewell to traditional watering patterns'

Makes watering and irrigation easier.


Water type water volume rotary adjustment

Nozzle 6 holes are designed to discharge water evenly + rotating nozzle adjusts the size of the water

Rotary sprinkler head can adjust water volume and water output mode


The higher the water pressure, the stronger the atomization

Large areas of plants work better with pumps



This nozzle is recommended to be used with a water pump

The higher the pressure, the better the effect

You can choose a suitable nozzle according to your own water pump

The more heads, the more traffic

more pressure is required


Additional information

Weight N/A

3 heads 1 inch/1.2 inch, 3-head 1.5-inch pipe interface, 4 heads 1 inch/1.2 inch, 4-head 1.5-inch pipe interface, 5 heads 1 inch/1.2 inch, 5-head 1.5-inch pipe interface, 6 heads 1 inch/1.2 inch, 6-head 1.5-inch pipe interface, 1 inch/1.2 inch clamp, 1.5 inch clamp


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