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The Chef’sChoice Diamond Hone Knife & Scissors Sharpener Model 480KS combines a knife and scissors sharpener in one handy, sturdy and compact unit. Ideal for the home and the perfect companion for outdoor use: the M480KS can quickly and easily sharpen quality knives and scissors, including knife-edge scissors. Both sharpening functions utilize precision angle guides designed to hold the blades at a precise angle, and 100% diamond abrasives to sharpen and gently polish the blade edges. It’s a professional knife and scissors sharpener all in one! Versatile! Sharpens knives, scissors, tools and fishhooks KNIVES: Professional sharpening of kitchen,household, light sports and pocket knives SCISSORS: Professional sharpening of household, sewing, craft and knife-edge scissors TOOLS & FISHHOOKS: Sharpening with auxillary pads Multi-stage manual sharpening system for incredibly sharp and durable edges 100% diamond abrasives for fast results Precision angle guides for foolproof sharpening The Model 480KS is portable enough to be right where you need it for a fast touch up: at home, in the field, on the boat or RV. They are a handy addition to the workshop or tool bench…for do-it-yourselfer’s or professional contractors. Knife Sharpening: The 480KS will sharpen all quality 20 degree class knives. The 2-Stage sharpener will quickly and easily create a razor sharp, arch-shaped knife edge that stays sharp longer than convention "V"-shaped or hollow-ground edges. Stage 1 uses diamond abrasives to sharpen, and Stage 2’s ultra fine diamonds polish the edge to better-than-razor sharpness. Scissor Sharpening: Household, kitchen, game shears and general purpose scissors can now be incredibly sharp using the Chef’sChoice Model 480KS. One hundred percent diamond abrasives and precision angle guides (guides provided for both conventional and knife-edge scissors) insure professional sharpness every time. How It Works For Scissor Sharpening: The 2-Stage sharpening process uses interchangeable, 100% diamond abrasive sharpening pads (coarse and fine) and three interchangeable precision angle guides. The coarse pad is used in the first stage to recondition very dull or damaged scissor blades; the second stage then uses a finer abrasive to hone the blade. A magnetic hold down allows users to quickly interchange abrasive pads as well as keep them in place during use. The 480KS is portable, compact and lightweight and requires no messy oils or water for sharpening. It is equally at home in the pocket, knapsack, glove compartment, tackle box, sewing box, on the counter or in a drawer. Can be used right or left handed. Engineered and assembled in the U.S.


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