Mini USB LED Light Portable Reading Light


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Product color: white, orange, pink, black, red, yellow, blue, green, purple
Product voltage: 5w; light source rated power: 1.2w
Product size: 175*18*9 mm
Net weight: 20g
Product material: PVC + USB socket + metal heat sink
Applicable to: mobile power, laptop, desktop computer, usb socket, usb humidifier, cell phone charging head, etc.

Product features
1, flexible metal bellows can be 360 ° multi-angle rotation (free bending, adjust the angle) flexible and convenient to use.
2, super power saving (power consumption of less than 40ma) directly from the USB port plugged into the power supply.
3, soft light, illuminate the surrounding while not affecting the eyes of others around the harsh.
4, used in laptops, desktop computers, rechargeable batteries and other electronic products with USB ports. In the evening to play games on the Internet or in the quiet darkness of the night just need a little light inspiration to take notes, the use of such products will protect your eyes from fatigue, not bothered. (Environmental protection and energy saving electricity)

Product features
1, can be rotated 360 ° to meet the needs of multiple angles.
2, flexible metal can do omnidirectional rotation, free bending, adjust the angle, flexible and convenient.
3, no external power supply, directly from the USB port inserted to take power.
4, power saving, small power consumption
5, can softly illuminate the keyboard without affecting others around.
6, high bright white LED can ensure a clear view in the dark, at night when you surf the Internet or net games, turn off the lights, connected to such a USB light eyes, not easy to fatigue, but also to save electricity, and can not affect the rest of others, allowing you to enjoy the network and the fun of the game;.
7, suitable for rechargeable batteries, laptops, desktop computers, etc.

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Blue, Orange, White, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Green, Black, Red

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