Prep N’ Pop Vegetable Helper (White)


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The easy way to prepare a variety of vegetables, fruits, and more Product Information Prep, peel, and pop a variety of foods with the Prep N’ Pop Vegetable Holder! Now, it’s a snap to cut veggies and more.Designed to hold vegetables of various sizes, it allows you to use your own hand peeler without the risk of cutting your hands or dropping the vegetable. Simply pierce the veggie with the helper, and when you’re done cutting, press the release button to pop it out! No touching necessary. You can even use the versatile device to flip meats or remove hot items from the oven. It features a rubber non-slip grip for easy handling, and includes a thumb ring for one-handed operation. Plus, the thumb ring is easily adjustable for a fit that’s just right for you. Product Features Assists in preparing and serving all your fruits,vegetables, and other foods Easily holds food in place while you slice or peel so you never have to worry about your fingers being close to the knife Tool can even be used to flip meats on a grill or to remove hot items from an oven Makes cooking more hygenic because you don’t have to touch the food while you prepare it Includes a helpful, adjustable thumb ring for easy one-handed operation Tool is dishwasher safe to easy clean-up when you’re all done Includes Vegetable Helper Instructions Specifications Color:White Dimensions: 11.5″ x 1.75″ (L x Diameter, Approx) Material: Plastic/Steel


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