Raritan K.O. Kills Odors Bio-Active Holding Tank Treatment – 32oz Bottle


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K.O. Kills Odors Bio-Active Holding Tank Treatment – 32oz Bottle*K.O. Is Not A Chemical Product*K.O. utilizes live, odor-killing bacteria which digest liquids, solid waste, and paper, totally emulsifying them so there’s no need to add “tissue digesters” or other “boosters” to your system. The bacteria in K.O. actually neutralize the odor-causing elements in waste, effectively converting the contents of your holding tank to an odor-free product.K.O. Is More Effective Than Any Chemical Or Enzyme Product.Chemicals only mask the odor temporarily. Although they kill odor-causing bacteria, chemicals also kill other bacteria that suppress odor. Chemicals can actually cause the odor problems you’re trying to solve!Enzymes stimulate the breakdown of waste already in the tank, but are not effective against odor, and are diluted by new waste as it’s added. You need only four ounces of K.O. per 25-gallon tank capacity. There is seldom any need to add K.O. between pump outs, nor do you need to pump out until the tank is full, making K.O. less expensive to use than lower-priced products. Unlike chemicals, the discharge from tanks treated with K.O. is welcome in on-shore sewer and septic tank systems.


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