Rite Lite Motion Activated LED Ceiling Light – LPL1003


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Product InformationBright Convenient Lighting Wherever You Need ItRite Lite Wireless LED Ceiling Light provides a new way to light closets, pantries, showers and sheds. The battery-powered light adds convenience and safety instantly to any dark area without the hassle of installing wired lighting. Motion activation and auto shut off offer the ultimate convenience with hands-free lighting.LED motion activated ceiling light provides approximately 100 lumens. The light includes an ambient light sensor which works in concert with the motion detector to ensure the light comes on only when need and lengthen the life of the batteryRuns on 3 "C" batteriesApprox Brightness: 100 lumensMotion Sensor Activated LED Ceiling Light instantly turns on when it detects motion from up to 20 feet away. Energy Efficient: Our quality LED never needs to be replaced. It’s so efficient; you will get more than 35 hours of light on one set of batteries.Bright LED: The bright, powerful LED provides 100 lumens of bright white light. Designed with custom optics for the perfect intensity and focus.This wireless LED Ceiling Lights are great for lighting up closets, pantries, stairways, sheds, porches and storage rooms.Auto Shut Off: turns off automatically after 30 seconds of no motion, conserving battery life.


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